What is Reality Shield?

I’m not certain, but my boys shout the term whenever they’re about to jinx each other, so I think it’s a cosmic declaration that protects your ability to make sound without receiving a punch in the arm from your sibling.


I don’t love them, but they are a means by which people can support artists. Lots will be free here, but I’ll be putting the most juicy bits behind the paywall:

  • a HUGE archive of recorded live shows, zoom shows, ancient radio interviews from my youth, etc.

  • exclusive access to the concert doc “All Together Now: A Dan Mangan Film”

  • voice memos of half-finished songs & other works in progress

  • occasional pop-up Zoom hangs

Musings, newsletters, demos, advice, essays, songs…

Social media algorithms nuke anything overly in-depth, and as such, artists have gotten used to using those platforms for a wide-but-shallow discourse. I like the idea of also having a lane for narrow-but-deep discourse.


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